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Have you ever wondered why some Petoskey stones are darker than others?

Thursday thought.......

Have you ever wondered why some petoskey stones are a lot darker than others?

The darkness in the corals eyes depict how much crude oil was in the area.

In some areas your stones will tend to have a blond look to them. I have found that these blond ones seem to have a easier time breaking down and don't polish up as well.

On the other hand, the Petoskeys with the dark eyes and great detail are the ones everyone likes. Don't get me wrong both the ighter and darker eyed petoskeys have their own unique looks.

Even with fossil soup and cladapora. When we have these stones on the saws or wheels, you definitely can smell the burnt oil in the air. These stones with the dark sediments polish up a very nice deep brown to black. They can really look nice.

Again, I am not an expert, just sharing my experiences.

Here are some pics for example.

Please feel free to share!

Have your Best Day Yet!

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Did you know Vic and Isabell Nielsen? They had the rock shop ( Natures Gifts) near Sutton’s Bay about 5-8 years ago! I have many beautiful rock/ stones from there. They are both in the great Beyond! I sure miss them and their store! I bought many things from there… including a couple gorgeous large amethysts from them. I also owned 115 N Nagonaba …in Northport next to the Post Office. I sure miss everything and everyone there. I lost my hubby and was afraid I couldn’t afford two mortgages. Where in Northport are you located? I’ll get up there this summer sometime. Enjoy the quiet and beautiful scenery in Northport!

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