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Saturdays attempt to identify rocks in the Great Lakes: Unakite

Updated: May 19, 2023

On Saturdays, throughout the summer, I will be posting some information about some of our local stones. I figure if your going to be hunting stones. A little identification would not hurt.

Today we will start with one of my favorites!

Unakite - Unakite is a metamorphic rock which means it has been changed or altered by heat, pressure or other natural events. It's one of the easiest stones to identify. The pink or red is feldspar with strains of green epidote and will most likely have a colorless quartz in the matrix. The stones hardness is about 6 to 7.

Christmas cove in Northport is where I find some of the best unakite. A close second would be Leland beaches.

Quite a bit harder than petoskeys. Still the same process in cutting and cabbing. I like the way unakite will take a polish in the end. I have found that the harder the stone...the more mirror like finish you will achieve.

They also tumble Great!

Please feel free to add comments or pictures.

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Karen Snyder
Karen Snyder
27 apr 2023

Thanks so much for posting the rock identification info. I find it very helpful! I stopped in last Saturday and love your shop! I stopped at Pier Cover on my way home and found quite a few lightning stones! Can you also post your cheat sheet for tumbling Petoskey stones? Thanks again. I'll be back in touch about doing a class!

Mi piace
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