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The Beginnings of a New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! There is a lot to talk about this year! But I would like to tell you a little bit about our storefront. This will be our 3rd year here. We are so Thankful! We are a Mom and Pop rock and gift shop. We carry as local items as possible. Items made by our family and different local crafters and artists.

We are 3rd year Beekeepers and we offer our local Wildflower honey in the store. We have some neighbors that make the local maple syrup that we carry in the store as well.

We also Love to promote the local talent in the area. We have Local Authors on our shelf as well. Kathy Firestone, Ryan Blessing, Nancy Peterson and Sue Hanson to name a few.

We also have an Awesome greeting card section that is updated frequently. They are made by local artist Judie Fiegel. Most of you know her as my Mom. They truly are well done! She Loves .asking them.

We are also a functioning rock shop. We have all of our lapidary equipment right in the store. 98% of the rocks that ate in the store are local rocks. There are a few others. But we want to focus on local everything.

We also teach beginners cabachon classes. We have had Great response to the classes. Most people walk away with lapidary experience and a pendant or two to take home with them.

If you want us to polish the rocks for you.... we can do that too! Depending on size, stone and stone condition, prices will vary.

Of course we make and have jewelry available. Petoskey stones, Leland Blue, Charlevoix, Cladaphora. So many stones.

Rockhound gear? Yes, we have all you need. From scoops to identification books to beach locations and conditions.

We also carry maps in the store and we are a wealth of information about the area, what's going on and what to check out locally.

We will be finishing up new ideas and putting products in the store as we make them. Our Newest venture is inlay rings. With so much more to come. Stay tuned.

Thanks for being here!


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